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Training Branch

The Training Association (also known as St John Training Malta), was founded in 1882. This was the first branch of St. John Ambulance which was formed outside of the United Kingdom. It’s aim is to teach First Aid to members of St John Ambulance (First Aid & Nursing), the St John Rescue Corps and to the general public with courses being conducted at our training venue in Valletta and on-site at various companies and organisations.  First Aid courses conducted by St John Ambulance are recognised and approved by the Occupational Health & Safety Authority and conform to Legal Notice 11 of 2002 which governs first aid at the work place.

The training and re-certification of our First Aid instructors is closely monitored by St John Ambulance in United Kingdom.  National trainer verifiers visit Malta on a regular basis to ensure that all instructors maintain the high standards of St John Ambulance worldwide.

H.E. Comm. Dr Jaime H. Cremona is the Director of the Training Association.

Dr Jaime H Cremona

Dr Jaime H. Cremona

Over the years the Training Association has trained thousands of people. The University of Malta gives two credits to students that successfully complete First Aid courses conducted by St John Ambulance.  Also some faculties have made it a pre-requisite for their students in order to acquire their degree.  First Aid courses given by St John Ambulance include first aid to children and babies. This paediatric first aid is much sought after and fulfils requirements for persons working with children.

Besides First Aid, we also conduct courses in Emergency First Aid, Basic Life Support, Automated External Defibrillation, Medical Gases, Anaphylaxis, Blood Pressure & Blood Glucose Monitoring, Emergency Child Birth, Emergency First Responder, Manual Handling and Youth First Aid which is suitable for children age 9 to 13 years at schools, Scouts/Guides and other youth organisations.

Follow this link for detailed information about First Aid Training.

Contact details: training@sjamalta.org or tel. 2124 5740 or 7924 5740