SJA supporting COVID-19 vaccination

Volunteers give helping hand in administration of Covid-19 vaccine

A number of St John Ambulance volunteers are giving a good helping hand to assist with the national vaccination programme against Covid-19.

The St John Malta volunteers welcomed the opportunity to help the Health Department in administering the vaccine against the Covid-19 virus.

This after training was given and the necessary examinations were held by the Infections Control Department at Mater Dei Hospital.

The process involves strict protocols in order to ascertain the vaccine is administered to the public in an effective manner.

This is being done in collaboration with the Malta Health Network and SOS Malta after the three entities also worked together during the important contact tracing exercise.

Besides administering the vaccine, the St John Ambulance volunteers also assisted in organising members of the public during queueing up, registration procedure, the necessary preparations before administration of the vaccine, as well as treatment, if necessary, up to 15 minutes after the vaccine is administered.

St John Ambulance urged the public to observe Health Authority directives as well as to attend for the vaccine appointment they are given.

They stated that in this manner we would be taking care of each other’s health, including those so dear to us.

St John Ambulance Volunteers Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination
St John Ambulance Volunteers Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination