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The Council

The Order of St John is a royal order of chivalry of the British Crown. Previously styled as the Order of St John “in the British Realm”, the Order and its foundations were spread throughout the British Empire. The patron of St John in Malta was, therefore, the Governor, as the Crown’s direct representative to the Island, and later the Governor-General. Malta adopted a republican constitution in 1974, and thereafter, the Governor-General’s successor accepted to retain the patronage of St John Ambulance in Malta.

Patron St John Association – Malta
Her Excellency, Dr Myriam Spiteri Debono, K.U.O.M. President of Malta

Dr Michael Frendo, K.O.M., KStJ, LL.M. (Exon.), LL.D. (Melit.)

Vice Chairman
Brig. Clinton J. O’Neill AFM

Deputy Commander
Ms Gemma Sirol DStJ

Deputy Commander (Operations)
Mr Andrew Grech CStJ, BSc., MBA (Melit.)

Commissioner (Operations)
Mr Chris Borg Cardona CStJ

Commissioner (Regulatory and Compliance)
Mr Noel Grixti D’Amato CStJ, DPA (Melit.)

Commissioner  (Training)
Dr James Cilia OStJ, B.Ed.(Hons), M.Ed.(Melit.), PhD (UCL)

Dr Jean Noel Cutajar LL.D.(Melit.), LL.M.(Lond.).

Mr Mario P. Galea FCCA, FIA, CPAA

The Reverend Canon Simon Godfrey CStJ, T.D, V.R, SSC

Principal Medical Officer
Lt Col Dr Charles A. Gauci OLM, KCHS, MD, FRCA, FIPP, FFPMRCA, FSA.Scot, RAMC (Ret’d)


Chev. Raymond Cassar KC*HS, OStJ, BA (Hons), MA, M.Ed. (Manchester), Cert.IPD (Lon), Dip.NLP (Lon)

Ms Stephanie Laing OStJ

Capt. Reuben Lanfranco CStJ, KJ, BA (Crim), M Jur.(Int. Law), LL M (IMLI), Dip. Mar. Sur., AFRINA, FIFireE, MCILT, AFRIN, FNI, FIIMS, MIM, AFM (Retd)

Col Mark Mallia CStJ, Dip. Mangt. (Melit.), MBA (Melit.), LL.B. (Hons) (Melit.), AFM (Ret’d)

Ms Tania Mercieca DHS, OStJ

Ms Romina Cassar

St John Council Objectives

The St. John Council is the governing body of St John Association – Malta. The objectives of the Council in line with its motto Pro Fide Pro Utilitate Hominum, are:

  1. To promote Christian values in an open ecumenical manner;
  2. To promote and encourage all works of humanity and charity for the relief of distress, suffering, sickness and danger without any distinction as to race, class, colour or creed;
  3. To render aid to the ill and wounded in calamities and to promote such permanent organisation in time of peace as may be available immediately in time of emergency. Such aid shall include the provision of technical reserves for the medical and rescue services in Malta and overseas;
  4. To promote, encourage and coordinate contacts between the Council and the Order and its national associations, priories and initiatives worldwide as well as with other similar voluntary or statutory bodies, as approved by the Council;
  5. To appoint representatives to attend any meetings or serve on any committee in any matter in which the Council expresses an interest;
  6. To receive donations, endowments, gifts, bequests, stocks, shares, securities and other property movable or immovable (“donations”), to raise funds and, in conformity with its values and objectives, to carry out such activities which enable the Association to be self-supporting and sustainable.
  7. To support and assist the activities of the Association and all its Branches through committees as may be established by the Council from time to time;
  8. To ensure transparency and proper accounting and auditing of all its finances and their management and to maintain appropriate Inventories and property books;
  9. To promote and encourage the work of the Association in all its aspects;
  10. To provide for the robust organisation and management of the Association so that it can meet these objectives;
  11. To formulate standing orders or regulations as appropriate providing for the effective participation of Members and Associates of the Order permanently residing in Malta and any other benefactors approved by Council;
  12. To adopt and implement policies which the Order requires to be deployed in all its National Associations and Priories internationally.