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Basic Life Support & AED Course

The Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course teaches essential life-saving skills and the use of the AED. This course is designed for any group that has, or may have, access to an AED. It will ensure that participants have the confidence to use defibrillators to save lives.


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique that is used when someone’s heart has stopped. Some medical conditions, such as a severe heart attack, can cause the heart to stop. Other causes include drowning, electric shock, poisoning, overdose and serious injury. For CPR to be successful, it needs to be started as soon as possible after a person’s heart stops.

The use of an AED – also known as defibrillation – is an important addition to CPR. Evidence shows that using an AED can greatly improve the survival chances of a patient in cardiac arrest. However, an AED is only useful if there’s a trained person available to use it.


By the end of this training the participants will be:

  • able to recognise life-threatening situations
  • able to offer vital assistance before more experienced help arrives
  • able to provide single-person CPR on an adult, child and baby
  • able to use the AED.


  • Casualty management
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Explanation of heart rhythms and defibrillation
  • Explaining how an AED works
  • Practice using an AED


  • The minimum age to attend this course must be 14 years. Children below the age of 14 years are invited to follow the Three Cross Award.


This training is delivered by qualified and experienced trainers.


The BLS/AED course is delivered over 4 hours.


An ongoing assessment is done during the course.


  • Successful candidates will receive an internationally recognised St John Ambulance certificate which is valid for three years.
  • The St John Ambulance Basic Life Support & AED certificate is recognized by the Occupational Health And Safety Authority.


Group fee: Companies/organisations are kindly requested to contact us via email (training@stjohnmalta.org) to regarding discounted fees for group training. On-site training at customer premises is available.

*Proceeds from our training courses support services provided by St John Malta for the community.


Companies/organisations are kindly requested to contact us via email (training@stjohnmalta.org) to organise group training.