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First Aid Tip: Fractures

These first aid tips are no substitute for thorough knowledge of first aid.
Attend a
St John Ambulance First Aid Course.


  • Give lots of comfort and reassurance and persuade them to stay still.
  • Do not move the casualty unless you have to.
  • Steady and support the injured limb with your hands to stop any movement.


  • If there is bleeding, press a clean pad over the wound to control the flow of blood. Then bandage on and around the wound.
  • If you suspect a broken leg, put padding between the knees and ankles. Form a splint (to immobilise the leg further) by gently, but firmly, bandaging the good leg to the bad one at the knees and ankles, then above and below the injury. If it is an arm that is broken, improvise a sling to support the arm close to the body.
  • Dial 112 for an ambulance.


  • If it does not distress the casualty too much, raise and support the injured limb.
  • Do not give the casualty anything to eat or drink in case an operation is necessary.
  • Watch out for signs of shock.
  • If the casualty becomes unconscious, follow the Resuscitation Sequence – DRABC.