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Conflict Resolution

Dates of upcoming Conflict Resolution courses are available here.

Conflict Resolution – Addressing Divisions of Identity.

St John Training in collaboration with the Organisation for Identity + Cultural Development Institute is organising the online course: Conflict Resolution – Addressing Divisions of Identity.


Participants on this course will learn how many conflict-causing divisions in society – ethnic, racial, religious, political, economic – are rooted in issues of identity. Using a combination of small-group discussion, roleplay, cooperative exercises, multimedia content and mini-lectures, this course will provide the frameworks and tools necessary to understand how identities create conflict, and what can be done to counter and prevent prejudice, discrimination, hatred and persecution.

Online classes will be conducted with 10-12 participants, an instructor and facilitator. The interactive format will involve all participants in discussion, roleplay and problem-solving exercises. The course will be of interest to professionals, practitioners and community leaders who seek to build cohesion, peace and harmony amongst those with whom they work. Relevant sectors include: health and human services, social care, humanitarian aid, community development, conflict resolution and transformation, diplomacy, hospitality, impact assessment, and social policy.

Successful completion of the course is rewarded with a certificate of completion.


The course covers the following topics:

Part 1: Frameworks, Concepts and Theories

  • Introduction to Conflict and Identity
  • Multiple Identities: Social and Personal
  • Identity and Human Needs
  • Using Identities as Tools

Part 2: Research Methods, Analysis and Strategy Building Techniques

  • Becoming an Identity Interpreter
  • Metaphor and Language
  • Discovering Trends and Discourses
  • Mapping Identity

Part 3: Making Real Change

  • Analysis and Strategy Design
  • Seeing Opportunities and Avoiding Risk
  • Designing Communication and Arts Interventions
  • Reflection and Assessment (A multiple-choice test will be administered at the end of course for those wishing to obtain a certificate).


  • There are no formal entry requirements for this course.
  • The minimum age to attend this course is 18 years.


This training is delivered by qualified and experienced instructors and facilitators.


The course is delivered over 3 sessions: one session per week. Each session will be 3 hours long.


Assessment and continuous observation by the instructor and facilitator and the completion of a final test.


Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion issued by St John Malta and the OICD.


Individual fee: €50 per person. Refunds will not be issued if applicants fail to attend full or part of the course. St John Training reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In such cases, the applicants are given the opportunity to attend the next course or they will be refunded the full course registration fee.


  • Individuals can register online for the course. Payments can be made by (a) direct bank transfer or (b) cheque addressed to ‘St John Ambulance’ and sent to this address. Cheque payments should not be sent via registered post.
  • Companies/organisations are kindly requested to contact us via email to organise group training.